Name:Genni Skystrider


Title/Nickname:Genni Skystrider




Appearance:Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, slim


Psychology: Minor Welsh accent, fun loving but with a serious side.

Birthplace:Molsen Farm - Westfall

Actual residence:Molsen Farm - Westfall

Background:Genni Molsen has lived on her parents farmstead for years, sure their dead now, but someone might need cabbage sooner or later, right? After he parents died in a tragic saber attack she took over the farm, she missed her fancy life in Stormwind, but hey, cabbage is important, right? She would often venture down to Longsure to practice her fighting on the local critters, turns out cabbage makes great bait.

She always dreamed of heading back to Stormwind and becoming a somebody, but what kind of somebody lives on a cabbage farm? From a young age Genni knew something wasn't right about her, she was different, she knew it, her parents knew it, after her parents died she figured out what that gift was, She had been able to use magic, now she realized how the big fire in the Sentiniel Hill lumber yard began... Afterwards she decided to change her name, what kind of heroic name is 'Molsen' From then on she was known as Genni Skystrider...

She now looks for fame, doing good deeds and battling evil creatures across Azeroth!