Name: Fargas.

Surname: Bolsun.

Title/Nickname: Blackwing.

Race: Dwarven.

Class: Warrior/Knight/Gryphon rider.

Age: 155.

Appearance: Small guy whit funny voice. Joker.

Alignment: Hate Horde, Undeads, ......

Psychology: Funny guy, Great Gryphon rider.

Birthplace: Wildhammer stronghold.

Actual residence: Looking for home in new World.

Background: Fargas Bolsun, son of Dekus Bolsun and Vonna Artek. Fargas was born in battle. Dekus work´s like blacksmither in Wildhammer stronghold and Vonna was leader of gryphon riders. Dekus want to make from Fargas great Blacksmither but he has eye´s only for great gryphons . One day he asked her mom if she can train him to become gryphon rider. That day he join Gryphon riders. His father dont like that his son become gryphon rider same like his mother. On trainings Fargas met new friends. Fargas see that his father dont like what he is doing. He think that helping dad after training wil be good thing. Every day after the training Fargas run fast home to help his father with work. He learn where he can find ores how melt them and create weapons and gear from them.One day when Fargas was on last training his dad made him the gear from silver and fel iron. Day that Fargas become man his mom gived him gryphon egg. One day when Fargas was playing whit his Gryphon, army of demons attacked Stronghold. All dwafs was called to deffend they home. Dekus led ground army and Vonna air army. When Fargas was helping his mom to push flying demons, the Felguards break town walls and killed Fargas´s dad. After destroying Wildhammer stronghold, Fargas and his mom left Shadowmoon valley. They found new home in Honor hold. Fargas begun work like blacksmither and Gryphon trainer. Fargas was great and fast gryphon rider that was killing everything that what want to hurt somebody from his new home, thats why people start´s to call him Blackwing. Outland orcs was afraid that great Blackwing kill´s them all. One day when his mom was on scouting, group of orc killed her and sends fargas head of her gryphon. Fargars jumped on his gryphon and started to look for his mother killers. He found only her body, he takes her shield and hammer and buried her in Honor hold. One Day something big camed from Dark portal it was big Horde ship that started to destroy everything around him. Fargas was traing to help his friend to get on other side of Dark portal only big explosion killed many people from Fargas´s group. Fargas is now alone in new world trying to find new friends and waiting on his Great Black Gryphon Ezzio.